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Homeless teenage mother at 19 - Jennifer Hernandez is the epitome of determination. While working her way up from a switchboard operator to a finance manager, Jennifer never allowed her situations to define her destinations.


Today, as a top performing Mortgage Loan Officer- Jennifer now has a story to share. She directly connects with at risk youth and adolescents as she teaches her motto: "No one can stop you but you!"


After crushing the car business in such a male-dominated industry, she knew there was more for her.

This led Jeniffer to the mortgage industry. Buying a half-million dollar home at 25 was the silver lining for her, but God had a different light to show her. The 2009 crash took everything Jennifer worked so hard for; her home, multiple investment properties, as well as her marriage. Giving up was never an option for her.


While being a mother of four, working relentlessly to stay afloat, Jennifer found her true calling - helping others.

This revaluation allowed her to go back into the mortgage industry with a different mindset. Now, Jennifer is a top-producing loan officer as well as managing her own branch at the second largest non-deposit mortgage company in the country. She continues to thrive in this new light as a leader to her team, as well as all the non-profit organizations she works with to teach teens entrepreneurship through mentorship.

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Daphne Pinkney is the passionate Leader of The Pinkney Team Powered by eXp Realty.

She is ranked by the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors as a top 1% Chicago real estate professional in both sales and transaction units locally as well as ranked in the top 5% of Realtors Nationwide. Daphne has built upon her past Corporate America & Leadership team to build an amazing and diverse team of Realtors. Pinkney has over three decades of experience in the finance and mortgage industry. Daphne embodies the true essence of a dynamic and passionate leader. Her exuberant and warm personality and presence is both contagious and uplifting to those she encounters. Becoming a mother at 19, causing her to leave college and enter the workforce earlier than she anticipated was a blessing in disguise. This along with so many other obstacles that she has overcame prepares her to serve her community and impact the lives of those she crosses paths with and encounters!


She has co-created an initiative called the “Do-Over”. Their movement encourages people to start over at any point in their life if their circumstances are no longer serving their higher purpose. The goal is to help people overcome hardships, acquire financial freedom through home ownership and find purpose in life. To help get the message out Daphne started two different Podcasts which she plans to take Globally. The first being an individual Podcast, Let's Talk About it, and then transcending that one to a Collaborative podcast "The Do Over". She aims to reach Millions through her Podcasts, public speaking, books, movies, tv and radio platforms. As a young child she knew that she would touch many lives, positively impacting the World. Which is why she also started buying distressed properties with her husband on the West Side of Chicago; renovating them and increasing property values throughout the neighborhoods they grew up in. This is just another way to give back by bringing luxury living to the inner city.  Every venture Daphne starts or participates in will always be centered around serving, building, and giving back. Because everyone deserves a Do-Over! Are you ready for yours?!


Ryan Blair is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and the founder of his latest company, AlterCall. At just 21 years old, Blair founded his first company, the technical-support firm 24/7 Tech. which marked the start of his career.


In March 2013, Blair released his paperback version of his #1 New York Times Best Seller, Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain: How I Went From Gang Member To Multimillionaire Entrepreneur.



Uncensored and raw in his account of growing up in the face of adversity, Blair effectively imparts lessons learned from obstacles he faced and provides a road map for entrepreneurial success.

In April 2014, Blair debuted Nothing To Lose: The Documentary, which follows his inspirational story as he overcomes challenges and adversity as well as his personal hurdles while building ViSalus into a household brand. The documentary has won the “Best Producer” award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and “Best Documentary” at the Los Angeles Art-House Film Festival.


In 2016, Blair released his second book, titled 'Rock Bottom To Rock Star.' The book focuses on teaching individuals how they can become rock-star entrepreneurs, by redefining what rock-star means. "It isn't the celebrations that make you a rock star, it is the hard work" says Blair.


His biggest endeavor yet has been the overhaul of ViSalus, the company behind the Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge, a weight and fitness transformation platform. In 2008, as CEO, Blair went all-in, personally investing his last million dollars on a new business model that would later revolutionize the 118 billion dollar direct selling industry. ViSalus went from 600,000 to 30 million dollars in monthly sales, and in 2011, they increased sales seven-fold from 34 million to 231 million dollars. In 2012 Blair sold the company in a $792.4-million-dollar transaction.


Blair has appeared on Dr Phil, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, and Fox. He has also been featured in major publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Inc Magazine, Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times.



Since 2019, Blair has made it his mission to devote his life and career to help people breakthrough in their mind, body and soul with his new company AlterCall. AlterCall focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to transform and scale their companies. Currently AlterCall is working on advanced ai technology that is expected to transform the personal development industry and the lives of millions.

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Stormy Wellington is an international inspirational speaker, wellness guru, and highly sought-after marketing and direct sales expert. She is also a best-selling author and global serial entrepreneur. Stormy Wellington is prominently known as “Coach Stormy” around the world. Her ambition is limitless, her personality unforgettable, and her drive and dedication are unmatched.


Stormy Wellington was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Miami, Florida. Coming from humble beginnings, she learned to overcome many challenges early on in life, which all contribute to her tenacity and perseverance today. “I come from foster care, stripping, and scamming.” States Stormy. Stormy has always been an overachiever; she quickly saw that life in corporate America, and working odd jobs was not the path she wanted to follow. Following her exit from the corporate world in 2008, Stormy entered into a business industry that was more fast-paced, and hands-on within Total Life Changes, which is a global health and lifestyle brand built on the principles of “Mind, Body & Spirit”.

Not being limited to just the health and wellness industry, Wellington’s passion projects as a CEO, include Wells CBD products and Girl Hold My Hand (GHMH), her widespread predominantly female community built on sincere sisterhood, philanthropy, self-improvement, and wellness.


Under the GHMH umbrella is “The Awakening” one of the world’s most celebrated and anticipated conferences. “The Awakening conference is all about knowing yourself, learning to love yourself, connection, and collaboration.” Adds Wellington


As a spiritual guide and health guru, Stormy has accomplished vast strides and accolades. She’s mastered the art of financial freedom, motherhood, and direct sales with humility and transparency.

Future plans for Coach Stormy Wellington include achieving her goal for 1,000 families becoming top earners and continuing to pour into her personal development courses, morning meditation, and ongoing training programs available to the masses.


“Feeling Good Is A Strategy” Coach Stormy Wellington



Claudienne Hibbert-Smith has shifted the paradigm of what the premise of a teenage mother could ever be. Claudienne became pregnant at the age of 14. The stigma of ruining her life was completely thrown upon her shoulders. Unlike some who saw doom in her future as a result of her pregnancy, failure was not an option for her. She was among the top academic performers and Vice President of her high school graduating class- Miami Carol City Senior High School class of 97. Claudienne Hibbert-Smith obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2001 from The

University of Florida (UF), a premiere university ranked 14th overall among all U.S. public universities according to the US News & World Report. Shortly after landing her first job out of college, she transitioned into a real estate professional and partnered with The Keyes Company.


Claudienne quickly moved up the charts with her sales volume and as a result, created the Hibbert Group Real Estate Consultants. Claudienne spent nearly 20 years with the Keyes Company and recently decided to partner with EXP Realty where she has been able to expand in 16 states.

Throughout the last twenty-one years, Claudienne received various educational and Real Estate Industry credentials to include, but not limited to Chairman’s & Presidential Elite Circle, 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County, 25 Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and Leadership, Top 5 Real Estate Network. In 2019, Claudienne received the Agents’ Choice Award from Miami Agent Magazine for her Charitable Service and she was also honored by the City of Miami Gardens in the Women’s Exposition as Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary things. Most recently, Claudienne in less than 8 months of partnering with her new company has tops the charts once again, being recognized for various awards: Sprint Award and Icon Award to name a few.

Claudienne joined the National Association of Real Estate Brokers- South Florida Board of Realtist (SFBOR) as the secretary in 2001. The organization focuses on democracy in housing. With great leadership preceding her, she became the Vice President and shortly thereafter, became the President and led the way for two terms totaling four years. Claudienne forged new business relationships, which has afforded the South Florida Board the opportunity to service hundreds of real estate professionals and consumers through educational programs, hence creating homeownership. Claudienne is now the President of the state chapter. Claudienne also serves on various boards not limited to the planning and zoning committee at the City of Opa Locka.


Economic success has not deterred Claudienne from selflessly giving back. Her foundation is rooted in community service and is a primary reason she gives back to the community. She tirelessly gives her time to organize events with her 501 C 3 non-profit organization-Claudy Cares Foundation. As a result of her community involvement, she was honored with the first ever Humanitarian Unsung Hero Award.

Claudienne is always looking for new ways to improve and increase homeownership.


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Regional/State Managing Broker, Illinois, eXp Realty, LLC. eXp Realty is a global online brokerage that’s powered by top agents and cutting-edge technology. I manage/coach/support 1300+ Agents in the State of Illinois, 30 Physical Branches and 1 massive Virtual Office! I grew up in Germany as the son of a US Army Officer; change was a constant for us and I had to always think fast on my feet, forge relationships with people quickly and always be positive and believe we would be safe. So I found I love to work with people, speak in front of groups, educate and lead. This transitioned me into my career in real estate, finance and sales management as well as my passion for government and community volunteering. I like to get involved, but it has to be right and I know it when I see it. Today my main focus is to lead, coach and support Real Estate Agents and other sales professionals to grow their business, and in turn, their personal lives. Just remember how important growth is: “You are either getting better or getting worse. You never stay the same!”



Tara Daylami is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist by training. She got her Bachelors in Political Economy from Pitzer College, and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from USC in 2005.


Over the last 19 years, Tara has worked everywhere from community mental health clinics and psychiatric wards to high-end residential facilities with professionals athletes and celebrities.


She also has an extensive research background, including in the field of addiction, and has worked on NIH funded studies, and as part of research teams at both USC and UCLA.


Tara works with professional athletes, Silicon Valley executives + Hollywood celebrities and this is also her 5th year working with a full NFL team as the team’s mental health clinician for the players.


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